Wednesday, July 20, 2005

In response to a July 4 letter to the editor of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.
(if that link goes away, a copy of the letter is here)

In response to Mr. Moe's questions, "How can some say that they love our
country while they scorn those who fight for its name? How can some claim
to be patriotic as they express loathing for what our country means in the
world?", one must separate the soilder from the cause. Those that find
fault with our reasons for being in Iraq blame the persons who made that
choice. Those the find fault with our reasons for being in Iraq pray for
the soilders to do their job successfully so that they may return home

To address his second question, one must separate the American ideal from
American actions. One must reexamine the premise that he places in his
letter - that we were attacked for our beliefs in freedom and American

The CIA long ago determined that members are recruited into terrorist
groups, not by a shared hatred of American freedom, but rather by a shared
hatred of specific American foreign policies. These policies include
various military occupations, support of Israel, current and past support
of oppressive regimes, and oil price fixing. These members feel that
these American policies restrict their ability to achieve life, liberty,
and the pursuit of happiness.

Thus, ironically enough, one could make a case that terrorists are indeed
fighting for freedom. Whether one chooses to accept that is irrelevant.
However, the fact that the terrorists believe it is very relevant. Only
once America recognizes her role in the conflict that we are in can we
truly begin to address why she is being attacked. If we choose to
continue in the same action, how can we not expect the same consequences?

Patriotism isn't blind loyalty. Patriotism is loving your country enough
to offer constructive criticism with the hope that your country may indeed
live up to that American ideal. Once our actions match our ideals, then
we will have much less to worry about from terrorists.


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